Lasting Dental Implants In North Plainfield, NJ

Lasting Dental Implants In North Plainfield, NJ

Dental implants

Adulthood is a long journey that causes a high amount of wear and tear on the human body. As we grow older we may experience the “side effects” of aging which include back pain, eyesight growing weak, and also losing your teeth! 

Yes, a lot of adults do lose their teeth sometimes due to injury and sometimes due to certain medical conditions related to oral health (tooth decay, periodontal diseases etc.).

Broken or missing teeth are a common adult oral health issue that Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur of Plainfield, NJ will be addressed through this page. In fact, Dental Designer, NJ not only addresses the issue of broken or missing teeth but also has the perfect solution to it – Dental Implants. Dental Implants will help you regain your brilliant smile and self-confidence!

This page covers all the details about “what is a dental implant? What are the benefits of dental implants? What is the procedure to introduce and fit dental implants in the patient’s mouth? And other FAQs.”

What Is A Broken Tooth or Loose Tooth? 

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur, the qualified and accredited Dentist of Dental Designer, NJ explains that even though a broken or loose tooth sounds simple, there are actually several varieties of trauma that may lead to different types of broken or loose teeth. 

  • Broken Tooth

A broken tooth occurs when a substantial piece of the tooth is knocked out, often exposing its roots and pulp. This will look like a mixture of white, dark, and red areas. If you suffer a broken tooth, you will likely be in moderate to severe pain and will feel the need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Left untreated, broken teeth can result in severe pain, infection, swelling, and a potential medical emergency.

  • Loose Tooth

A tooth concussion is another name for a loose tooth as a result of taking a hit to the mouth. It is typically accompanied by bleeding and mild to moderate pain. If your tooth is still intact but a little loose, you might be feeling lucky because you were spared the worst. That might be true, but it does not mean you can sit back and relax. Depending on the strength of the hit, the tooth might have damage to the root or have been pushed into your jaw, neither of which is visible to you.

What Is A Dental Implant? 

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that look like screws and are made up of titanium. Since dental implants mimic a natural tooth root, they are placed in the jawbone via oral surgery. 

Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur, of Dental Designer, NJ notes that when dental implants are surgically fixed in the jawbone the body and the implant are given months of time to fuse together. This process of fusion between the dental implant and jawbone is called “osseointegration.”

Titanium is preferred for dental implants because the body allows the integration of the implant with the jawbone naturally and does not view titanium as a foreign object. 

Since their invention in 1952, dental implants have come a long way. Today the success rate of dental implant surgery is almost 98% making it one of the safest and most effective oral surgeries. 

Who Is The Right Candidate To Get Dental Implants?

Dental Designer, NJ has a small list of guidelines which you can refer to and understand whether you are the right candidate for Dental Implants: 

  • You are an adult over the age of 18. ( Dental implants are not the right choice for children or teenagers)
  • You have cracked/loose/broken/missing teeth due to injury, trauma, accident or naturally. 
  • You are experiencing bone loss in your jaw and wish to mitigate the medical issues via dental implants. 
  • You have loose-fitting dentures or don’t wish to get dentures. 

If you are an adult suffering from any of the above-mentioned issues, then you are the right candidate for dental implants. Heavy smokers are generally not ideal for dental implants procedure. 

However, Dr Harmanpreet Kaur, the accredited Dentist of Plainfield, NJ believes that every individual is a unique case and whether or not you should get dental implants will be based on your case history and discussions with the dentist. 

What To Expect At An Appointment With Dr Harmanpreet Kaur For Discussing Dental Implants? 

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur is a qualified and accredited dentist based out of Plainfield, New Jersey who is known for thorough evaluations before reaching a diagnosis. 

If you have an appointment at Dental Designer, NJ, then you can expect a one-on-one discussion with Dr Kaur about your broken, loose or missing tooth/teeth. She will also ask you about your oral care habits and dietary choices to understand your case completely. 

The next step is a dental exam. Dr Harmanpreet Kaur will examine your mouth and teeth. She will also examine your bone density and quantity because there must be enough healthy bone remaining from where the patient’s tooth was extracted for a dental implant to be successful. 

X-rays and computer tomography scans (CT scans) are usually performed after the examination. The x-ray will show how dense the bone actually is and determines if there is enough bone structure to place the implant. Dr Harmanpreet Kaur also determines exactly where the implant should be placed based on the patient’s x-ray.

Once the examination is done and Dr Harmanpreet Kaur concludes that Dental Implants is the right way forward she will have an in-depth discussion with you on the course of the treatment, payment options, the duration of the treatment, what to expect and how to take care of yourself throughout this period. 

This discussion is a two-way street where you can vocalize any concerns or doubts you may have about the treatment and get all the right answers from Dr. Kaur. At the end of your visit, you will have a schedule for the treatment with you and a plan of action for both you and Dr Harmanpreet Kaur. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

The goal of dental implants is to retain the functionality and the aesthetics of the natural tooth through the surgery. Dr Harmanpreet Kaur, the Board-certified Dentist of Dental Designer, NJ explains that there are a variety of benefits of dental implants and they transform the lives of the patients for better! 

  • Natural Smile And Comfort 

A smile with a missing tooth can give a lot of people a slight inferiority complex. But thanks to dental implants, the smile looks wholesome and natural. It helps the patient regain their confidence! 

  • Zero Chances Of Developing Dental Caries

Dental implants are made of titanium which is one of the strongest metals known to mankind. They are not susceptible to tooth decay, unlike natural human teeth. 

  • Chewing Remains Same As Natural Teeth

Dental implants have the same masticatory force as natural teeth. This makes chewing food easy and free from any discomfort. In fact, once the integration process is over, patients are not even able to distinguish between chewing with their natural teeth and chewing with their implants. 

  • Improved Maintenance Of Oral Cavity

When a tooth is extracted or is lost of its own volition, an empty socket and bone are left behind. If left untreated, the bone density reduces and may attract more serious oral health problems. But when a dental implant is placed, it fortifies the bone and supports the oral cavity. 

  • Retains Natural Tasting Ability 

Dental implants do not affect the natural tasting ability of the mouth. They allow the taste buds to work just the way they used to with natural teeth thus retaining natural tasting ability.

  • Retains Natural Tasting Ability 

Dental implants do not affect the natural tasting ability of the mouth. They allow the taste buds to work just the way they used to with natural teeth thus retaining natural tasting ability.

  • Adjacent Teeth Are Also Preserved

Dental implants surgery involves only the missing or broken tooth, Dentists do not touch the adjacent teeth unless necessary. Dental implants become a part of the natural structure of the patient’s teeth and help in the preservation of the overall oral health of the patient. 

  • Long-Lasting Lifespan

Dental implants are an economical dental treatment that falls under the semi-permanent category. If patients take the right steps to maintain their oral health then dental implants are known to last a whole lifetime for the patients.

  • Freedom From Dentures

Dentures are removable dental appliances that combat the problems of missing teeth. But dentures are known to be uncomfortable, tedious to maintain and feel unnatural. Good dental implants will immediately take away all the issues caused by dentures and give patients 100% freedom from dentures. 

  • Improved Speech

Missing teeth can cause slurring, stuttering and lisping to a patient who has no previous history of speech-related problems. This can cause the patient emotional distress. When dental implants are placed the patient’s speech shows marked improvement. This is important because it directly affects the patient’s confidence and mental health. 

What To Expect Before The Dental Implants Treatment? 

Dental implants procedure takes multiple sessions and is done over a period of months. Every phase of the treatment is different and Dr Harmanpreet Kaur will give you different advice moving from one phase to the next. 

Generally, some diet and lifestyle changes (quitting smoking or less drinking) may be suggested at the beginning of the treatment. Apart from that there are no special steps the patient needs to take to prepare for the Dental Implants treatment at Dental Designer, NJ. 

How Is The Dental Implant Procedure Performed At Dental Designer, NJ? 

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur, the accredited Dentist of Plainfield, NJ explains that the placement of dental implants is a multi-step process that typically takes between 6 and 9 months to complete. 

It begins with a surgical procedure during which a titanium rod is placed where a previous natural tooth root once was. The gums are sutured shut over the implant, where it will stay for several months while it heals and begins fusing with the surrounding bone. 

Due to the nature of implant placement and its average procedure time of between 1 and 2 hours, you’ll be sedated and/or anesthetized for the duration of the treatment. At the conclusion of the healing period, you’ll return to be fitted for permanent crowns and have them placed.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? 

Dental Implant costs can range from $2500 to as much as $5000. Even if the cost is partly covered by your insurance, there is still a big out of the pocket expense.

Dr Harmanpreet Kaur of Dental Designer explains what exactly are you paying for when you get an implant.

  • The Implant

Dental implants are made of a titanium post that is screwed into your jaw bone and designed to replicate the form and function of tooth’s natural roots. Titanium metal is strong, lightweight and long-lasting. A foreign object that has to stay in your mouth for a number of years should be strong and durable and therefore is expensive.

  • Porcelain Crown

The porcelain crown sits on top of the post and resembles your original tooth. Crowns are custom made to fit in with the rest of the teeth. It is important to match the shape and color of the other teeth so that end product blends seamlessly with your brilliant smile. 

A customized artificial tooth that feels exactly as the natural tooth has a higher cost.

The final dental implant cost is high because it’s a surgical procedure. There are years of training a dentist go through and experience is required to exactly know where to place the dental implant. Only a carefully planned surgery can precisely install an implant. 

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants Treatment? 

Dental implants are generally covered by dental insurance at least partially. In certain high-premium plans there may be full coverage of dental implant treatments. Depending on your plan Dental Designer, NJ can help you find the best possible way to make payments for your dental implants treatments. 

Get in touch with Dr Harmanpreet Kaur of Plainfield, NJ to learn more about dental implant procedure and treatment. Book an appointment for a dental exam with us! 

Consult Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur

As a general dentist, Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur is committed to providing comprehensive care and clinical excellence.

She has more than 15 years of experience as a General Dentist and is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Harmanpreet Kaur attended New York University College of Dentistry for her dental education (DDS) and graduated with Honors. Before taking over Dental Designer in 2016, Dr. Kaur worked in several high-quality dental offices in Central Jersey.

She is committed to offering her patients the same level of clinical excellence as she learned from her world-renowned teachers/practitioners. Passionate about the importance of continuing education, Dr. Kaur has completed extensive advanced training in cosmetics, oral surgery, and anesthesia.

Book a consultation with Dr Harmanpreet Kaur. At the consultation, Dr Kaur will:

  1. First perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and jaw.
  2. Explain the problem to you.
  3. An X-Ray of your teeth will be taken if needed.

We recommend you openly discuss your concerns with Dr. Kaur

  • During the consultation be prepared to discuss:
  • Your medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous dental treatments.
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, if any.
  • Likely outcomes, and any risks or potential complications.
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