Tips To Choose the Best Dentist in North Plainfield, NJ

Tips To Choose the Best Dentist in North Plainfield, NJ

The Plainfield NJ area is fortunate to have many qualified dentists to serve the township and it’s many neighbourhoods including North Plainfield, Green brook, Dunellen and Middlesex. But, with so many dentists and options to choose from, how do you choose the best Plainfield dentist that’s right for you?

Tips for choosing the “Best North Plainfield Dentist” for you

  • Set Priorities: Before seeking out a new dentist, think about what you want out of the experience and what matters most to you. What are your must-haves and what might you be willing to compromise on?
    • Proximity: How far do you want to travel to see your dentist? How convenient is the route to you? Will you need to sit in traffic to get to and from?
    • Office Size: Large and small practices each have their benefits and drawbacks. Sole providers or small offices mean that you are more likely to form a personal relationship with your dentist. Larger offices can involve having to get to know more dentists and staff but offer more services.
    • Dental History: If you have a specific dental issue or suspect that you might, look for a provider who specializes in that area. If you have a relatively clean dental history, your choices will be much more open.
    • Scheduling: Are you limited in the times that you can visit the dentist? If so, look for providers who can meet your schedule. Larger offices tend to be more flexible about offering evening and weekend appointments.
  • Reviews Matter: Make sure to read online reviews for the dentists you are considering but remember that they only tell part of the story. Dentistry is a business that’s built on referrals, both on expertise and bedside manner. And, in the age of Google and Facebook, it’s tough to do anything these days without reading at least a few reviews first.
  • Insurance and Payment Options: Another important factor to consider is whether a dentist accepts your insurance. This might not be as easy to find online, so be prepared to contact the office directly to ask. Your insurance company may also be able to give you a list of dentists who are part of their network.
  • Try It Out: So you’ve done your research but are still torn between a few dentists? The best way to make a final decision is to contact each of them and ask to set up an appointment. Many practices offer free consultations for new patients, so you have nothing to lose. This visit will give you the opportunity to assess the dentist and the practice as a whole to make sure that it meets all of your priority criteria. A good dentist should respect your desire to make an informed decision. Be wary of anyone who pressures you to come back.

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